Snaffle is more than a name for our Rangiora-based graphic design studio.

In equestrian, the snaffle is a delicate tool placed inside a horse’s mouth. When used with refinery and finesse, the snaffle creates harmony between the horse and rider.

A situation not dissimilar to what we do at our Snaffle, the one you are here reading about.

Our founder Sarah (read more about her below) is not only a keen horse rider, but a talented graphic designer, too.

Just like the other type of snaffle, Snaffle Design exists to add value to brands and businesses through exceptional aesthetics.

You heard it here first, straight from the horse’s mouth.


Sarah (we mentioned her above) is an avid horse lover with a shared passion for design.

Armed with a talent for visual communication, it is no surprise she has a Bachelor of Design in the subject.

While globetrotting, she became fluent in German and since moving to Christchurch in 2013 has become fluent in running her own graphic design studio, too.

Transcending industries and business sectors, Sarah’s clients have included building companies, landscapers, the Court Theatre, food products, photography businesses and many more.

Sarah’s design approach has close ties to her equestrian background in dressage. Both require discipline, feeling and creativity, a respect for the fundamentals and the courage to break a few rules every now and then.